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About to retire and return to her native Nigeria, Martha plans to leave her house to her successful younger son Micah. Neither are pleased when older brother Malachi, who had walked out of the family home to be with his ‘Caribbean Queen’, unexpectedly reappears and wants to move back in.

While Micah seethes at his brother’s front, Malachi is honest about his shortcomings, admitting them to Martha and winning back her love. At work, Micah lies and cheats to hit his targets and earn commission while also dating his boss, Jenny. Soon he will have to explain himself to his mother.

Micah enjoys an apple while eavesdropping on a row between his mother and brother.

Desperate to boost his sales figures, Micah embarks on futile door-to-door sales pitch.

Micah returns home and unexpectedly finds Malachi playing on his games console, the two brothers quarrel and trade some painful truths.

Micah does his best to help his mother pack for her return to Nigeria then events take an unexpected turn.