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Sister Boniface

Sister Boniface Mysteries is a British detective period television 10-episode first series, created by Jude Tindall, and produced by BBC Studios and BritBox. Set in the 1960’s, we follow the investigations of Sister Boniface of St Vincent’s Convent – nun, moped rider, wine maker and part-time forensic scientist. It is a spinoff featuring the titular character introduced in an episode of Father Brown (Series 1, “The Bride of Christ”). Premiered on 8 February 2022, on the BritBox streaming service and released in the UK on the UKTV Drama channel to highest ever audience figures.

Series Trailer
Series 1. Episode 4

My Brother’s Keeper

Sister Reginald’s ex-con brother Alfie abruptly shows up at the convent after being released from jail. With nowhere to go, the sisters agree to let him stay. But when a well-known artist is found murdered, Alfie begins to look like the prime suspect.

Sister Reginald is mysteriously woken in the dead of night by a stranger, or is it?

Father Brown makes a surprise appearance at St Vincent’s Convent and to Reverend Mother Adrian’s displeasure, makes a surprising discovery.

Alfie Lynch is released by the Police but soon finds himself in hot water with Sister Reginald. Sister Boniface is joined by an old and dear friend.

Series 1. Episode 6

Song for the Dead

The dreamy frontman of buzzy rock ‘n’ roll band The Queenmakers is found dead in the dressing room, just as they are about to go on for their set. Upon inspection, Sister Boniface finds a peculiar sting on the back of his neck.

To delight of their adoring fans, the up-and-coming rock band, The Queenmakers are performing in town, but not everyone is able to make an appearance.

Sister Boniface manages to figure out and prove that Reggie was murdered.

WPC Button redeems herself and prove the doubters wrong but in doing so, she misses a most important event. Sister Boniface zooms to the rescue and saves the day.