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The Dog that battled the Bear

A Drama-Documentary telling the remarkable story of a man who was attacked by a black bear and would certainly have been killed but for the actions of his faithful husky dog, Grizzly.

Twenty years ago, Paul Guitard was training his 12-strong husky dog racing team in the wilds of Ontario in Canada. Ahead of the pack was lead dog, Grizzly and close behind was Paul on a quad bike. Just a few miles from home they were charged a female black bear.

Paul was rammed off his quad and savaged on the ground by the bear. As Paul fought for his life, the dog team continued to running – except for Grizzly, who raced back to rescue him by attacking the bear.

This was the beginning of a 7-hour nightmare ordeal for Paul and an epic battle between dog and bear.

Documentary / Drama


Mauled and bleeding badly, when Grizzly attacked and distracted the bear, Paul seized his chance and staggered to and climbed the nearest tree. He knew that he wouldn’t be safe for much longer as bears are excellent tree climbers.

The bear had chased and clamped Paul’s leg between its jaws. He kicked it so hard with his free leg that he broke his ankle. Paul could only watch helplessly as Grizzly fought off repeated attempts by the bear to get up to him.